Trading of non ferrous metals and wastes

Our company serves customers from all over the world. Under our trademark, we manufacture all kinds of products from lead materials and have the opportunity to offer X-ray accessories.
Different type of lead
Here you can find different types of lead we offer
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X-Ray accessories
We manufacture all kinds of products from lead materials for X-Ray accessories
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Protection products
We produce all kind of lead protection products for the industry
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55 years of experience
Our company is serving it's clients for more than 55 years now.
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Our satisfied
clients prove our professionalism

For more than 55 years, our company has been working in the same manufacturing sector and has implemented a quality management policy that guarantees the provision of a quality service that is constantly improving in accordance with technological progress, reaching all customers in the same way.

From the day of creation to the present time, our firm carefully keeps its corporate values, daily expanding its vision and actualizing its mission. Precisely thanks to these undeniable facts, our firm is the most correct business partner for your company.
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